Teaser Tuesday- Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

by - 8:46:00 AM

Hello and welcome to my very first Teaser Tuesday! Today, I will give you a little sneak at what book I am currently reading!

From Goodreads: "Once, a hero arose to save the world. A young man with a mysterious heritage courageously challenged the darkness that strangled the land.

He failed.

For a thousand years since, the world has been a wasteland of ash and mist ruled by the immortal emperor known as the Lord Ruler. Every revolt has failed miserably.

Yet somehow, hope survives. Hope that dares to dream of ending the empire and even the Lord Ruler himself. A new kind of uprising is being planned, one built around the ultimate caper, one that depends on the cunning of a brilliant criminal mastermind and the determination of an unlikely heroine, a street urchin who must learn to master Allomancy, the power of a Mistborn."

I'm really excited to begin this new and exciting series! I am not a huge fan of fantasy but I think it's a great time to step out of my comfort zone and try new things! Of course, since this is not YA there will not be a review up on Under the Book Cover, unless I make an exception.

Thanks for reading!

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