Book Review: War of Witches by Megan Linski

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Title: War of Witches
Author: Megan Linski
Pages: 204
Genre: YA Paranormal/Romance
Release Date: 19 June 2017
From Goodreads: "Lysandra and Lisar are fleeing the country. Romania has fallen under Csar Dragomir’s domain, leaving the princess and her werewolf love with only one option; they must seek asylum in Siberia, in a coven that’s out of Dragomir’s reach. They hope once they arrive, they’ll be safe. But nowhere is safe. Valentina has summoned an army of witches to find Lysandra, kill her friends and bring her back to the csar alive, so he can use her as a pawn for his own twisted goals. To worsen things, Valentina has cast a curse upon the wolves, one they cannot escape. If a cure is not found in time and the curse is allowed to run its course, it will be the end of the shifters… and the end of Lisar. Can Lysandra’s and Lisar’s love withstand its greatest trial yet? Or will their romance doom an entire nation?"
Thank you to Megan Linski for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for review! All opinions are my own.

War of Witches is the third book in Megan Linski's fantastic paranormal Shifter Prophecy series. Picking up where the second book, Den of Wolves, left off, this book grabs you by the hand and doesn't let go until the last page. Get ready for a wild ride full of paranormal creatures, rocky romances, curses, and an ending that you won't see coming!

With Romania under Dragomir's rule, it's no longer safe for vampire princess Lysandra and wolf Alpha Lisar. Their only option is to flee and seek asylum in Siberia with a coven that's outside of Dragomir's influence and is hopefully safe. But nowhere is safe with Valentina hot on their tails. With an army of witches at her side, Valentina plans to find Lysandra, kill her friends and loved ones, and bring her back to the csar in order to use her for his own twisted plans. As if things couldn't get any worse, Valentina has cast a curse on the wolves that, if not cured in time, will be the end of the shifters for good. Can Lisar and Lysandra's love survive its most difficult trial yet or will it be the end of an entire nation?

War of Witches is probably my favorite installment of the Shifter Prophecy yet! I really enjoyed getting to see more of the witches in this world while still getting a good dose of the vampires and wolves that I've come to love. Not only do you get some backstory on witches, but also vampires as well. It was great to get some more lore on these supernatural characters, especially on the creation of witches and just how the vampires came into existence.

The story moves very quickly with War of Witches. There is always something happening, and it's not necessarily always action packed. It's a fantastic balance of fast paced action and relatively slow but still important plot and/or character progression. Maintaining that balance is not always easily done, but Megan Linski pulls this off with ease. The world of the Shifter Prophecy is already large, and this third book just continues to expand everything from the characters to the lore and it's so much fun to see the growth that comes with each new installment. There are ups and downs all throughout this book and it really keeps the reader engaged and wondering just what will happen next. I've mentioned this before but I appreciate how quickly you're able to fly through these books but also how they flow so well. There's a lot happening but you never feel overwhelmed or like you're getting too much thrown at you all at once. In fact, I personally found myself flipping pages like crazy in order to get more of the story! It was so fascinating to get a book that focused more on witches, as the first book was mostly vampires and the second was wolves. I am so excited to see how all of these creatures come together in the final book because I've come to enjoy all of them for their own unique reasons.

I've probably said this in every review of the Shifter Prophecy books so far, but Lysandra and Lisar are amazing. These two have the most realistic relationship I've ever read in a YA book, even with them being a vampire and a wolf. They're not perfect by any means. They argue, disagree, fight, yell, run off, and all kinds of other things that real couples do. But they're also so in love with each other and care so much about each other that they're willing to acknowledge that they're not perfect and they will have their differences, but they want to make it work no matter how difficult things might be. Honestly, I read far too many YA books with insta-love and "perfect" couples, so this is always refreshing to read about a more realistic couple. They just continue to grow so much not only as a couple, but as individuals as well, and it's so great to see how their individual growth contributes to their growth as a pair. I love that they don't fully rely on the other to take care of them but can use their individual strengths to help each other succeed. They really are just two amazing characters and with the ending of War of Witches, I'm scrambling to find out what happens in Heir to Russia!

A character that has completely won me over is Serghei, Lysandra's grandfather. He's so supportive and protective and just an all around wonderful character. His presence was definitely needed in this book, because Lysandra experiences a lot that I honestly don't think she could have gotten through without the support of her grandfather. Of course, Lisar is a great support system for her, but I just feel Serghei was a great maternal figure that she never got with Dragomir. I really hope we get to see more of him in the final book because he is without a doubt my favorite side character.

The overall character development continues to improve with each book and I love seeing the various directions that all of the characters, main and side, go in. There are so many things that happen and so many choices that each character makes and watching them all rise and fall, make mistakes and grow almost feels like I'm there with them, learning the things that they learn. I've grown so close to all of them and even through the tough things that they all experience, I couldn't be more happy with how everything ended up once I reached the final page. I'm so excited for all of the possibilities for each character in the last book because really, anything could happen, and I truly support any and every decision that they make.

Also, Tom has redeemed himself for me and I no longer think he is a poophead. That is all.

It's never surprising when I read a Megan Linski book that I fall in love with the writing. It's so easy to sit down and lose yourself in the world that she's created. The atmosphere is so mystical and you really feel like you're caught up in a world filled with vampires, wolves, and witches. This is a series that really holds true to the paranormal genre while still being a beautiful and fun read. The descriptions paint a picture in your mind of the beautiful Siberian landscape and the town that Lysandra and friends seek asylum in. You can almost see the spells being cast by the witches and feel the snow falling from the sky. It's impossible not to completely immerse yourself in these books and that's what I enjoy most about them.

War of Witches is another successful installment in the Shifter Prophecy that will leave you scrambling for the final book. It has some incredibly beautiful and magical writing, character development that will pull at your heart strings, and a story line that is sure to keep you hooked until the very end. This series is a refreshing take on the familiar vampire versus wolf war that continues to evolve with each book. Be sure to pick up War of Witches and keep an eye out for the final book, Heir to Russia releasing in August!

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