Excerpt from True North by L.E. Sterling!

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Hi hello and welcome! Today I have the pleasure of sharing an excerpt from one of my most anticipated books of 2017, True North by L.E. Sterling! Be sure to keep an eye out for True North which releases on 04 April 2017 and get an awesome sneak peek below:

Excerpt from True North by L.E. Sterling

“Let me finish. I have a job to do. I’m obliged to do the best job I can. Not just because I work for Storm but because that’s who I am. That job is to protect you, Lu.”
            I turn my head, unable to bear even another second. I’ve had my fill of Jared’s merc routine. Gentle fingers coax me back again until I’m just inches from Jared’s glittering eyes. They look feral in the moonlight.
            “But Lu.” He breathes my name like it’s a full sentence. “It’s a good thing that’s my job, because… Don’t you know I can’t even help myself?” He’s so close it’s as though the boundaries of our flesh have disappeared. And within one breath and the next, his lips are on mine. Soft, warm, molding me to his mouth. Then, hungrier, he pulls me closer, seeking more.
            I’m dizzy with the taste of him on my lips, in my mouth. When my strength gives out, I slump onto his chest and he holds me tighter. I can barely react to the blazing warmth of his body full down the length of me, the scratchy feeling of his shirt decal under my fingers. There’s a fire in me, too, and with his sudden nip to my lip, it ignites. I’m feverish for him. Jared’s chest is molten rock under my hands. I’m struck with a desire to run kisses up his neck, to just behind his earlobe, just to hear the quick suck of his breath. I grab his hair and pull him tighter still. My lips sting from trying to get closer, closer, and rubbing too hard up against his teeth. Jared tries to hold them back but I can feel his incisors sharpen, his growl deepen, his eyes flip to a luminescent green in the darkness of the garden as he drinks me in.
            And just as suddenly as it started, he takes me by the shoulders and pulls me away. I sway on the patio bench like a rag doll, cold and dazed. The garden hums with some secret life, bugs and frogs, but it’s just Jared and me here.
            Touching a finger to my swollen lips, I watch him. He pants as though he’s kicked the living tar out of someone, a glassy expression to his feline eyes. He doesn’t take his hands off me, but he isn’t going to bring me close again, either. And that’s what makes me explode.
            “What kind of game are you playing with me, anyhow?” I scream at him, thankful that the garden is empty for my tirade.

I don't know about you, but I cannot even handle how excited I am for this book. True Born absolutely stole my heart and I know that the sequel is going to be even more fantastic! If you'd like to learn a little bit more about the author, L.E. Sterling, feel free to check out my interview with the author here. Interested in my thoughts on True Born? Check out my review here! Also, keep an eye out for my review on True North coming soon! Thank you so much to L.E. Sterling for this opportunity and thank you to everyone who stopped by to read this amazing excerpt. 
See you in the next chapter!

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