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*Disclaimer: Maggie is a fictional character from The Chronicle of the Three Trilogy. She is not real. But, I believe, there is still some truth to her struggles, while fictional, that could give us insight and encouragement in our own. You may proceed.

Hi!! I’m Maggie. I guess you knew that from the title thingy. LOL.

I used to be the invisible girl. You know, the one who sat alone in the cafeteria, who never talked to anyone in the halls, who you didn’t realize you had history class with. Yeah, that was me.

It’s okay, a good portion of my invisibility was on me. I thought I wasn’t worth seeing and that really wasn’t anyone else’s fault, at least not in my situation, if I’m being honest. I could give you the sad backstory but I don’t like to live in the past so I won’t.

The point is one day this friend came along. At first I thought she was a crazy person who liked harassing strangers in the ladies’ restroom, but a couple slices of pie later (not in the bathroom in case you were wondering) I realized she saw me. Like really saw me, like saw through the shy girl surface to what was really going on inside.

They say the truth will set you free and they ain’t lying.

Zoe saw the truth and shared it with me and from that day on I was different. Like really different. I wasn’t invisible anymore. (Zoe is my bestie now by the way.)

Back to the point… fear and insecurities had held me in a prison for so long and then someone came and opened the door. But leaving the prison you know can be hard. I mean I stepped out the door and breathed the fresh air and felt the sun and heard the birds singing but the cage would still call for me to come back.

Those fears kept whispering. Those insecurities kept showing up. I still didn’t feel as worthy. When your best friend is the literal Chosen One it’s hard not to compare yourself and fall short. I still felt like I didn’t have much to offer, not in comparison to her, or her aunt Claire.

But you know what, I’m awesome! I may not be the Daughter of the Three but I am chosen none-the-less. It took a little time for me to realize that I don’t have to be like Zoe, I don’t have to be like Claire. I shouldn’t try to be. I am worthy just the way I am. I do have something to offer. (Let’s face it those two ladies would be lost without me and my sparkling personality and positive can-do attitude.)

Here’s the thing…just be you. Don’t try to be someone else. Don’t feel like your contributions to saving the world are less valuable because you don’t have a sword. (They won’t give me one, I’ve asked. I will keep asking though just because, uh, who wouldn’t want to get a sword to slay demons with? I mean come on.)

You are chosen, you don’t need a supernatural tattoo to tell you so. You don’t need an ancient bloodline. You have everything you need already. Don’t worry about being like the Zoe’s or Claire’s or whoever it is in your life. My Zoe and Claire don’t need another them, they need a Maggie. I am awesome at being Maggie.

You go be awesome just being you.

*Hands you a lollipop*

Take this. Lollipops are fun. And they do make life better ya know. *wink*


Maggie is a character from The Chronicle of the Three Trilogy. You can get to know her and her bestie in The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline.

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Remember, you are stronger than the darkness.

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