#LoveAThon: Mini Challenge # 8: On The Road (Trip)!

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Hi hello and welcome to the final mini-challenge of the #LoveAThon! This challenge is hosted by Cee at The Novel Hermit so don't forget to go check out her post and see her road trip picks! Let's jump right into it!

Lets go on a road trip! Pick 3-4 people, fictional characters, readers, bloggers, or authors you'd love to take on this road trip; a place you're headed towards like Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Martha's Vineyard, etc; and what you'll be doing on this road trip, like topics of discussion, who's driving, who's in charge of the road trip music, etc.

I went to Disneyworld when I was like, two years old, so naturally I remember absolutely nothing about the trip. At 24 years old, there is nowhere I want to go more, so this is the obvious destination!

Cath- Favourite book character
Adashofash- Favourite BookTuber
Super Space Chick- Favourite blogger
Rachel Caine- Favourite author

How could I resist taking people who love books (or are book characters!) on a road trip? The conversations we could have about books could last for hours, which is perfect for a long car ride to Disneyworld! Plus, I'm pretty sure none of these people would object to going to Disney. Hopefully.

I would love to load up a Nissan Xterra (my dream car, don't judge me) with a lot of snacks, comfy blankets and pillows, and a really good Disney movie soundtrack to play in the background. Gotta get in the Disney mood, right? Our topics of conversation would most likely be food, books, and what we're going to do when we get to Disneyworld. (Cath would want to visit all of the food places to check out the baked goods, for sure.) I would love to talk about Rachel Caine's experiences as an author and maybe some future book ideas with her. Honestly, I could listen to her talk for hours and never get bored. She's my all-time favourite author! Cath and I would definitely talk desserts. I'm a terrible baker so I'd love to have her give me some tips on how to improve my baking skills! Ashley and Kristin would be perfect to talk about books with. I would love to get new book recommendations from both of them and just sit around and talk about books in general. They both seem like they would be very easy to talk to and as someone who has trouble talking to people, that really helps!

I would probably drive, mostly because I love to drive long distances. Cath would definitely be in control of the snacks, that's a no-brainer. Kristin has full control over the music because I'm almost positive that she listens to a ton of Disney music. Ashley could be in charge of picking out some fun road trip games we could play along the way because she does some of the cutest tag videos. Rachel could tell stories and also trade out driving with me if she wanted to take a spin behind the wheel. 

The idea of getting to ride in a car with some of my favourite people was such a great concept that I couldn't pass up an opportunity to do this challenge! Realistically, I'd take a road trip with my wonderful boyfriend because we're already together 24/7 and he's the only one that could put up with my nonsense for a long period of time, but it was nice to play make believe for a bit. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend time with their favourite book related people? Let me know who you would take a road trip with below! Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful final day of #LoveAThon! <3

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