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Hi hello and welcome to a very special author interview! Today, I have the pleasure of sharing an interview that I was very excited to take part in with Tabitha Caplinger, author of The Chronicle of the Three series. Her newest release, The Chronicle of the Three: Armor-Bearer, is the sequel to The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline, and I'm here to share a little bit of insight about Armor-Bearer as well as Tabitha herself. Let's get started!

1. What was your initial inspiration for The Chronicle of the Three series?

At this point I’m not really sure anymore. Was it a dream or hallucination? I’m gonna go with dream because that sounds less crazy. I got this image of the book first, the book, The Chronicle. I started imagining what it was and who it was for and that’s how I discovered Claire and Zoe. Once they had introduced themselves the rest just clicked together. But it all started with a dream about a magical book.

2. If you had to pick a favorite part of Armor-Bearer that you wrote, what would it be?

Oh, man…that’s a tough one. Armor-Bearer is probably my favorite of the trilogy so you’re asking me to pick the favorite part of my favorite. I would say that Claire’s nightmare reliving of Alex’s death would probably be it. It was emotional on a different scale than anything else had been, at least I think so. I cried with her and screamed with her. It was a satisfying scene as a writer. It felt like I really had stepped up my game.

3. Where there any parts of Armor-Bearer that you found difficult to write? (Character-wise, plot progression, etc.)

Armor-Bearer flowed pretty smoothly. (Ask me about book three when it comes out and you’ll get a different story. That one has been killer to get on paper.) I would say the ending was difficult. I had known from the very beginning what would happen but didn’t have all the moving parts together so mechanically it took a lot to make sure it played out well. I also hadn’t intended to love that character as much as I did. It was hard to watch it all happen. (If you’ve read it you know who I’m talking about and if not, you’ll just have to read it because I can’t do spoilers. Sorry.)

4. If you could pick one character that you would say you related to the most, who would it be?

Claire, hands down. I feel like more of myself comes out of her. I always joke that I want to be Claire but in a lot of ways Claire is me. I just need her awesome sword skills.

5. What are five words you would use to describe Armor-Bearer to someone who had never heard of the book/TCo3 series?

Supernatural. Sass. Demon-slayers. Family. Faith. (And pie, which I know makes 6 but I have to add pie.)

6. What is one thing you hope that readers take away/learn from Armor-Bearer?

With all of the TCO3 Trilogy I want them to see that they have purpose and they are never alone in walking it out. I also want them to know that individually, and collectively,  we can be stronger than the darkness. We are stronger than we think and feel.

7. Do you have any quirky or unique writing habits?

Sometimes I speak the dialogue out loud. Sometimes I act out the fight scenes. Sometimes I make the faces I think the character is making. All are in an effort to make it feel more real…and because it’s fun. (For a funny glimpse into my life as an author you can check out my Youtube channel, specifically the sarcasm tag.

8. How would you describe a "normal" day of writing for you?

I get up and get my kids to school. Then I make myself chocolate chip waffles and coffee. Once the coffee starts to do it’s work and gets my brain to start functioning I sit down and write. I usually have one day that is all marketing based. I get social media scheduled, blog posts written, agonize over Amazon rankings. I have one day that is also ministry based. That’s when I do church/pastoral work, sermon prep, youth ministry to-do lists, etc. The other three days I try to get a few thousand words in and I’m happy if I get a whole chapter complete in a week. Once my kiddos get home and on weekends its all about family time so little writing gets done then unless I’m on an editing deadline. (Okay, that was more of what a week looks like rather than a day, but my individual days are pretty boring. Unless I’m acting out one of those fight scenes. Then I’m sure it’s hilarious.)

9. What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring writers?

I always like to start by saying don’t give up. If you have a story in you then keep working at getting it out. But lately, as I am learning more about this gig myself, I have to add, do your homework. There is more to writing, then, well, writing. So learn about the marketing and publishing side of things. It will help you later, promise.

10. Is there anything you can share with us about the future of the series?

I am writing book three now and it has been tough. Obviously, it picks up where Armor-Bearer left off so everyone is struggling with, let’s just say, things. They realize their enemy has dug his claws into them deeper than they had thought. Some new faces arrive. Ugh, I want to tell you everything but I can’t. I’ll leave it there before I give something away. This will be the last book so, hopefully, everything comes to a satisfying end. Then maybe I’ll write a prequel all about Claire. ;)

Thank you so much to Tabitha for taking part in this interview and Laura for hosting this fantastic blog tour! I had so much fun getting to talk with Tabitha and I hope that you enjoyed getting to know more about her and Armor-Bearer. Please be sure to check out Tabitha at all of the links below and also pick up both Bloodline and Armor-Bearer! Thank you so much for stopping by and I'll see you at the next post!

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  1. Fantastic interview! It makes me super excited to know us readers will soon have a prequel that's all about Claire! :D I would have not guess Tabitha's favorite scene she wrote was involving Alex and his death.

    Thank you so much for being part of the blog tour, Megan. P.S.- I love that adorable fox at the bottom of this post. He's so cute!