Captain America Book Tag!

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Hi hello and welcome to the Captain America Book Tag! I discovered this tag through HollyByGolly Books and it was originally created by Lionsandtigersandbooks Ohmy! Make sure to check out their Booktube channels and subscribe! Let's get started!

1. Captain America/Steve Rogers: A book that you read before it was super popular.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I know, I know. Twilight? Really? But yes, really. I read this in 8th grade when I was about 13 years old and I remember absolutely loving it. When I finished the book, I had to wait for ages for New Moon to come out. I was lucky enough to have gotten my English teacher into the book and she bought New Moon the day it came out and let me read it first. So yes, I read this before it became super popular and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

2. Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes: A book that you read, but you don't remember anything about it.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

I read this forever ago and for the life of me I cannot remember anything that happened. That's probably why it's currently sitting on my nightstand because I intend to read it all over again!

3. Peggy Carter: A character who has a side to them that you weren't expecting.

Tsukiko and Isobel from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I just recently finished this book and I am still reeling over it. But I couldn't just chose one character from this because there were two that kind of caught me off guard, especially towards the end! If you've read the book, you'll understand my decision.

4. Dr. Abraham Erskine: A book you believed in despite people hating on it.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

Before I committed to picking this up, I read so many negative reviews. I mean, it was an insane amount. But those negative reviews made me want to buy it more and prove myself wrong. There was no way this book was as bad/mediocre as people were saying, right? Right! I, personally, loved this book, and don't care a bit about the haters.

5. Phil Coulson: A author you're obsessed with, and would be a total fangirl if you met them.

Chuck Palahniuk

I've already met my favourite author, Rachel Caine, but my second favourite author is none other than Chuck Palahniuk. He's a genius, and an amazing author, and my fangirl level would be past the maximum level if I were ever lucky enough to met this man.

6. Red Skull: A book character who hides behind an organization while trying to get their society to fall apart.

Vin from the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

Vin fights with Kelsier's secret society to help bring down the Lord Ruler and also to help destroy my heart when I get attached to characters in this book series. Seriously though, this is a trilogy worth picking up. Vin kicks some serious butt and is one of my absolute favourite characters in any book series!

7. Falcon/ Sam Wilson: A book that you found recently that you loved.

City of Legends by Cheyanne Young

For some reason, I haven't reviewed this trilogy yet but ohmygodthistrilogy. It's about superheroes and really I don't feel like I need to throw much more out there to tempt anyone to read it. Go. Read. This. Trilogy.

8. Civil War: Name 5 book characters you would want standing on your team if you went to war.

1. Celia Bowen from The Night Circus
2. Macy Knight from City of Legends
3. Vin from the Mistborn series
4. John Taylor from the Nightside series
5. Moira from Girl in the Shadows

Thank you so much for reading! I had such a fun time doing this tag and I hope to be doing more in the future!

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