Morganville: The Series Exclusives!

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Hello again, readers! I am back to talk some more about Morganville: The Series and share some very exciting news with you!

Author Rachel Caine is Joined by Morganville: The Series Cast for Live Twitter Event

Mondays can be miserable… it’s a thing; however this Monday – November 3, 2014 –  will be marvelous since the Morganville Marathon rewatch is happening on Geek & Sundry! Join us (@MV_The_Series) and Rachel Caine on twitter tweeting your reactions and questions with the hashtag: #MorganvilleLive. 

Morganville: The Series brings to life Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires in a whole new format and sucked in fans rapidly. Over the span of its debut week, the six-episode series has drawn thousands of viewers, with the first episode already surpassing 50K. A feat that gives fans hope for more seasons!

If that weren’t exciting enough, tomorrow’s Morganville Marathon rewatch will include two of the lead actors. Both Jordan Taylor Farris (Shane) and Lindsay Seidel (Claire) will be joining the live tweeting during the day, so you are going to have to follow the hashtag #MorganvilleLive to keep up with all things Morganville: The Series. And you will definitely not want to miss the Amber Benson Skype session giveaway. Oh yeah, one lucky fan tomorrow will win a live Skype session with Buffy alum and now Morganville: The Series founder vamp, Amelie. The giveaway goes live at 11 AM PST tomorrow, November 3rd.

To find out more, check out these sites for the scoop on Rachel Caine, The Morganville Vampires Books and Morganville: The Series.

If you haven't watched the first six amazing episodes, follow the links below or tune in on Monday for the marathon!

Episode One- "Glass House"
Episode Two- "Bite Me"
Episode Three- "Sucks To Be You"
Episode Four- "High On Life"
Episode Five- "Burn"
Episode Six- "Owned"

Here are a couple of Under the Book Cover exclusives straight from Morganville for you to enjoy!

Thanks for reading and don't miss Morganville: The Series on Geek and Sundry!

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